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Better than I was before?

Two months ago, a physiotherapist told me I’d have to accept a reduction in right wrist function following the severe fractures I suffered in February. The physio worked with me for the three sessions allocated by the NHS in these parts before signing me off with a wrist that was weak, severely limited in extension […]

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Enjoy the pain

I went to our local doctor’s surgery for my first session with a physiotherapist today. It’s now eight weeks since I fractured my wrist. While it’s clearly healing well, I’ve experienced noticeable problems with stiffness when lifting my hand upwards from the horizontal. There’s also some pain and weakness, but they’re nothing that I can’t […]

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Heal thyself

After a two-week gap, I was back at Aberdeenshire Royal Infirmary this morning to have my fractured wrist checked. The appointment started well: only a small queue of people waiting to be seen by the consultants, a small delay in X-Ray while a badly injured accident victim was seen to, and then in to see […]

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Stonehead wielding a spade despite having a fractured wrist.

Sod this!

Preparing vegetable beds with a fractured wrist and a plaster cast is proving challenging. I suppose it isn’t a good year to up the beds from 16 to 24. But it needs to be done. We need narrower beds to accommodate the Other Half’s shorter arms. We need more beds to make up for the […]

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Ugly old bloke with one arm stuck in the air thanks to a plaster cast.

Stir crazy already

Five days down, 175 to go. Does anyone need a quintain? Trying to clout knights would be far more interesting than lounging about the house with one arm stuck in the air. I’m supposed to keep my right arm, with its fractured wrist, elevated at 90 degrees to the ground until I see the consultant […]

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