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Bats in the byre

I was taking the chicken feed through the byre this morning when Harvey, our Border Terrier, stopped, looked at the roof and growled. I expected to look up and see either blackbirds (they pull his hair out) or rats (his job is to kill rats). Instead, I spotted three very small bats hanging from one […]

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One of our Scots Grey hens was scalped by a goshawk.

Scalped by a goshawk

One hazard of crofting is predators taking an interest in the livestock. Crows like the tongues, eyes and anuses of young piglets. Pine marten, stoats and weasels like chickens. Foxes like very young lambs, very young piglets and chickens. And goshawks like chickens. The croft has lain within the territory of a pair of goshawks […]

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Bat about the house

As she was locking the back door this evening, the Other Half’s attention was caught by a fast, flitting movement just above roof height. She called me through to see if it was a bat—not wanting to go outside herself in case it caught in her hair. (Unlikely, I know.) I went out and stood […]

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It is warmer… really!

Yes, it really is getting warmer. The temperature hit the dizzy heights of 3C today and the snow showers were replaced by light rain. I suppose I should be skipping about the fields singing “it’s spring, it’s spring”. Hmm, on second thoughts, I’ll leave that sort of caper for some weeks yet…

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Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

I went out the shut the chickens up for the night, but as I was leaning into one of the cockerel boxes to slide the pophole shut I had the sudden feeling I was being watched. I slowly raised my head and looked around. As I swept my eyes across the mass of nettles beneath […]

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