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Unseasonally warm

When I woke and made my way to the kitchen this morning, I was surprised by how warm it felt. I checked the thermometer in the kitchen, which revealed the overnight low outside was 10ºC and it was 17ºC inside. Later, as I was getting ready for the 2.5-mile walk to the village Post Office, […]

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Painting delayed, again

The sun was shining with only a few clouds in the sky, so I thought I’d paint the kitchen and bathroom windows. I should have known it was a daft decision. By the time I’d got the paint out and cleaned the window frames, a cold front had pushed a mass of cloud up from […]

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Wannabe lapdog

Border terriers are supposed to be active, outdoors dogs that go crazy if kept inside for any length of time. If that’s the case, someone needs to have a word with ours. I’ve been going in and out all day, spending much of my time outside, but Harvey  sits a foot inside the backdoor and […]

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Land Rover plus paint equals rain

Three weeks of sunshine and what happens when I decided to repaint a section of the Land Rover’s chassis? A thunder storm blows in with lightning and heavy rain. If I’d started the job three weeks ago, I suspect Britain wouldn’t have had a so-called “scorcher” of a summer!

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Ooh, we’re too cold now

Or at least that’s what the “cold alarm” is telling me. The new boiler and radiators may make the house much warmer than was previously the case but when they go off the lack of insulation means the house loses the heat overnight. (And yes, we’re planning to do something about that.) A consequence of […]

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