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We have a plumber!

We finally have a plumber on site and tackling the replacement of the hot water cylinder. We discovered a few more horrors behind the leaking hot water cylinder, but everything is out and being replaced. The plumber isn’t used to working without a joiner—he normally does bigger jobs like new-builds—so I was put to work […]

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O plumber, where art thou?

The bottom seam of the hot water cylinder is leaking, but can I find a plumber prepared to come out and replace it? No chance. They’re too busy to fit in small jobs, with one even telling me “it’s getting back to the boom years and I don’t have to do jobs like that”. I […]

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Managing the water works

One of the consequences of fitting a water filtration system is that the crofting routine has a few additional jobs added to the round of chores. There’s a particle filter to be checked monthly and replaced six monthly, a UV filter to be checked monthly and replaced annually, and three additional valves to be operated […]

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The grass track leading out to the chicken houses.

Welcome to the bog

We’ve had heavy rain and numerous hail storms for a week, transforming the croft from a hillside to a bog. It’s not quite the worst we’ve had it, yet, but that’s only because we didn’t start with snow melt. The pigs are fairly happy with all the water and mud, except when it flows into […]

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A water pre-filter showing the amount of gunge collected in a week.

We thought the water was clear

In the past, when we turned on the kitchen tap, clear water flowed out. When we ran water into a white bath, it looked clear. When we checked our hilltop header tank, we could see the bottom because the water was clear. Except it wasn’t. It was full of gunge. Two weeks after our new […]

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