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Death of a pig

I came home from a rugby coaching course at 3pm today. I went out for a quick check of the animals, all the pigs and all the poultry looked okay, so I went inside. At 5.30pm, I went out to feed the pigs and found one of the finished gilts—due to go to slaughter in […]

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Harvey out looking for rats.

Harvey is fully fit again

I took Harvey, our Border Terrier, to the vet today to have his booster vaccinations and get him checked as it’s now a month since he came off the last of his medications for Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA). The vet was new to the practice, which gave Harvey the opportunity to […]

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A Border Terrier enjoys the dawn sun in a frosty field.

Harvey is on the mend

Harvey, our Border Terrier, is finally on the mend. He came down with Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA) in February, which left him lethargic at best and near death at worst. Since then, he’s had a protracted course of medication that’s finally paying off.

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The gilt's ear was almost torn off when the sow stepped on it.

Sow tears piglet’s ear

I checked Doris’s litter of Berkshire piglets just after noon today and all were well. I went back at 2.30pm and discovered she’d stepped on one. Fortunately, the piglet was still alive and had no life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, its ear was almost completely severed. The injury had occurred at least an hour earlier as it […]

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The injured piglet had developed an abscess.

Injured piglet still hanging on

Daphne, one of our two Berkshire sows currently with litters, stepped on a piglet last Friday. The piglet suffered a serious gash where its right rear leg joined its abdomen, but didn’t appear to have more serious internal injuries. I cleaned the wound with iodine spray, injected the piglet with 1ml of Ultrapen LA, and returned it […]

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