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Death of a pig

I came home from a rugby coaching course at 3pm today. I went out for a quick check of the animals, all the pigs and all the poultry looked okay, so I went inside. At 5.30pm, I went out to feed the pigs and found one of the finished gilts—due to go to slaughter in […]

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Harvey out looking for rats.

Harvey is fully fit again

I took Harvey, our Border Terrier, to the vet today to have his booster vaccinations and get him checked as it’s now a month since he came off the last of his medications for Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA). The vet was new to the practice, which gave Harvey the opportunity to […]

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Harvey is unwell, again

When the Big Lad came through to the kitchen first thing this morning, he found our Border Terrier Harvey lying next to two pools of vomit. The Big Lad came to get me then cleaned up the vomit while I checked Harvey. The dog had a temperature of 40.1C, was extremely lethargic, and had periodic […]

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Daphne walks on a piglet

Daphne, one of our two Berkshire sows currently with litters, has walked on a piglet. All her piglets were in good condition when I did the midday check but when I went out at 1pm I noticed one holding its left rear leg off the ground. I went back to the feed shed, scooped up […]

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Harvey makes the most out of being unwell!

Harvey is unwell

Harvey, our Border Terrier, is unwell. In fact, he was seriously ill earlier in the week but is now considerably better although he’s still not in full health. On Tuesday, with the Other Half and the boys away visiting her parents in Dundee, Harvey and I had a normal morning of work. He was as […]

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