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Poor season means ‘wonky’ veg

The customer-led obsession with perfect fruit and vegetables continues to mystify me but it may have suffered a short-term hiccup. Today, the Telegraph reported that wonky or blemished fruit and vegetables would return to supermarket shelves thanks to the very poor growing season. Bent courgettes and wonky potatoes will be sold in supermarkets following one […]

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The first potato shoot emerges.

First potato shoot emerges

It’s late, but the first potato shoot has emerged in the vegetable patch. The cool, wet spring weather has set growth back several weeks, but three days of sunshine and warmer temperature have given the plants a kick start. Now for the rest of them.

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Horseradish, mud, rain and a feral bloke: not the most tempting combination!

Anyone for horseradish?

I spent most of the day working outside in rain, sleet, wind and cold. Not surprisingly, by late afternoon I found myself thinking of warming food. I looked down and realised I was right next to the horseradish bed. Excellent. I dug up a large handful of roots to be processed and bottled. I’ll set […]

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A Jerusalem artichoke tuber.

Growing Jerusalem artichokes

A couple of years after we moved on to the croft, we visited a family who live near Alford to collect a wheeled hoe and a pair of wheeled cultivators. While there, they presented us with plastic bag filled with loose soil and a score of odd-looking, nobbly tubers. ‘They’re Jerusalem artichokes,’ was the response […]

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The first of the lettuces are planted out.

Planting out starts, finally

I started planting out this morning. We appear to have seen the last of the serious snow and haven’t had a frost for a fortnight, which means there’s a good chance we won’t lose too many plants over the next month or so. Of course, we have had heavy rain and hail storms but netting […]

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