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The trees are giving the vegetable patch the appearance of a dark and gloomy forest.

Time for pollarding

The vegetable patch is usually a very sunny and protected place to be, but our windbreak of sitka spruce has grown a little too enthusiastically in the past two years. Even on a sunny day like today the vegetable are shaded for almost two-thirds of the day. It will be worse come autumn and winter. […]

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The boys collect stones to stack around trunks of the apple trees

Feeding apple trees

We’re still playing catch-up around the croft. Today, the boys were barely off the school bus before I’d roped them into helping me feed and mulch the apple trees. Ideally, we’d prune and mulch them in late November but this winter’s early freeze and snow put paid to that. I was concerned that, if we […]

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Unexpected boost for trees and seeds

As I was checking the spam filters, recovering stray but legitimate emails, I almost skipped past one with the heading “Notification of Payment Received”. The email had the usual “too good to be true” ring about it and I wasn’t expecting any payments, so I was about to reflexively hit delete without opening it but then […]

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‘About the Christmas tree…’

I was sitting down, about to start a well-earned cuppa, when the Other Half came in: “About the Christmas tree…” She trailed off. To the casual observer this would appear to be a casual aside, perhaps the start of a conversation, but it reality it’s an abbreviated, coded, imperative message. It actually means, “I really […]

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Chop, chop and then chop some more

Leylandii is not good in firewood terms, but with four of them down and one to go I’m not about to let that much timber go to waste. I spent several hours today splitting and sawing billets of wood down to a size that will fit in our old Victorian range. Our gardener friend had […]

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