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The Wee 'Un was eager to be off

We were right, cars are out

Who’d have thought, when we sold our second car back in 2006 and replaced it with a trike, that a family of mad, grungy and slightly disreputable crofters were well ahead of a social trend? As it turns out, we were. Apparently, one in five British households are getting rid of second cars to save […]

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The boys with the Kangaroo Bike for one last time

Farewell to the Kangaroo Bike

We’ve finally sold the Kangaroo Bike. It was a major part of our lives for three years, being used day in, day out for transporting the boys to playgroup, nursery and then school. Last year, though, both the boys had grown too big for it, and become competent cyclists in their own right, so we […]

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Goodbye to Harry

I sat behind the wheel of Harry, our 1990 Land Rover Defender 110 200TDi Couny Station Wagon, for the last time earlier this evening. I don’t normally miss vehicles, but Harry has been an integral part of the croft for the past few years and has a certain character that goes beyond being a collection […]

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Va va vooooooooom!

I’ve just returned from taking our newly purchased Land Rover Defender TD5 Dual-Cab Pickup to the feed merchant to collect 750kg of pig feed. The old Land Rover 200 TDi would have growled, creaked, whistled, rustled, rattled and banged all the way there at a somewhat leisurely 50mph. It would have settled under the load […]

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