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Our potato growing is on a much smaller scale this year.

Small-scale tattie planting

We’ve cut our potato planting severely this year as, thanks to my broken wrist, we haven’t been able to prepare the fields for planting. Instead, we’re focusing on new potatoes as they’re more expensive in the shops and we can choose varieties that we prefer. We’re planting four beds of first and second earlies in […]

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Refurbishing the farrowing pen.

Never-ending maintenance

Weather and animal feeding aside, one of the most constant features of crofting is the never ending round of maintenance tasks. At present, I’m refurbishing the farrowing pen in the byre. The sows dig out the lime mortar and eat it. The sows and piglets pound the creep and trough until their bolts pull out […]

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And still more planting

We had a glorious spring day today, sunny but cool, so what better to do than start ploughing the first furrows for the potatoes. Of course, us being us, we only started the fun stuff after doing other jobs, like planting another 875 onion sets (825 sturon, 50 jetset). We’ve now planted 200 shallot sets, […]

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Put them together, and you have breakfast

Now that you know how to make hash browns, sausage gravy and soda scones, it’s time to get complicated. Prepare all of those, plus scrambled eggs (eggs and a little butter, that’s it) and coffee, then have the entire ensemble ready to be served at the same time. The hash browns take the longest, the […]

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Today, we’ve been eating…

Sunday breakfast is the second most popular for the boys because, while Saturday is special breakfast day, Sunday is pancake day. I make a large batch of pancakes, sometimes with plain flour and sometimes mixed with oats or rye flour, which we then spread with home-made jam, honey or golden syrup. I always make enough […]

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