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The neighbouring farm's barley crop at sunset.

Sea of green

Looking over the barley crop on the neighbour’s farm at sunset. The wet weather may be helping the barley—and our tatties—but it’s proving less than ideal for many other crops as they’re rotting in the ground. Such is the crofting life. Still, we do get views such as this.

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A view over the Grampian as the last of the daylight fades.

Day’s end

Not one of my better images, thanks to poor light, no tripod and a high ISO, but I wanted to show the day’s end from the top of our hill. I fed the pigs, locked the chickens up and was taking Harvey, our Border Terrier, out for a quick session of ‘find the rabbits’ when […]

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Stonehead Circle at dusk, 1.

Stonehead at dusk

We had another beautiful sunset over the croft this evening, but I ignored most of it in favour of photographing the Stonehead Circle beneath the blue and grey skies of dusk. This is the result:

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The sun sets behind our ridgeline.

Crofter’s sunset

The sows were most dismayed this evening. I’d fed Gus, our Berkshire boar. I’d fed our porkers. And I hadn’t fed the sows. In my defence, I had to stop and watch this sunset.

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A typical sunset over the croft—that's right, no sun!

A more typical sunset

Readers who have seen the sunset photos I’ve published from time to time may well have concluded that our part of Scotland is a lovely, bright, sunny place with glorious sunsets. Today, I decided to set the record straight and photography a more typical sunset. That’s right, there’s no sun. There’s just cloud cover from […]

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