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Study, study and still more study

I’m continuing to plod away on the next assignment that counts towards my Certificate of Higher Education in Sport, Fitness and Management, with both the formal essay and the summary of a motivational interview complete in draft form. The word count is far too long, but I’m used to cutting copy so it’s not a problem. […]

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Re-learning the art of the formal essay

I’m working on my first formal essay since leaving school more than 30 years ago. All my previous assignments with the Open University were reports, summaries and 3-4 paragraph answers, so it’s a major shift to from those (200-900 words) to a 1500-word formal essay. The main problem is we’re expected to be fully up to […]

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Coaching as a process

As part of the first assignment for the second year of study towards my Certificate of Higher Education in Sport, Fitness and Management, I have to describe the “skills needed to be effective in sport and fitness roles”. I quickly decided , with just 700 words and two other elements to include in that count, it […]

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Updating rugby certifications

I’ve finished updating my rugby union certifications ready for next season: Laws of Rugby, Rugby Ready and First Aid in Rugby. I’m also well into the advance reading for the next unit in the certificate of sports coaching that I’m doing with the Open University. I  should take a break and do some real work. […]

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Done, dusted and delivered

I submitted the final assignment for the first module of my BSc (Hons) Sport, Fitness and Coaching last night. I now have five months to catch up on the outstanding croft work, house refurbishment, Land Rover refurbishment and this blog. But, before I start, I’m giving myself a day off. If anyone reading this is considering […]

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