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The first potato shoot emerges.

First potato shoot emerges

It’s late, but the first potato shoot has emerged in the vegetable patch. The cool, wet spring weather has set growth back several weeks, but three days of sunshine and warmer temperature have given the plants a kick start. Now for the rest of them.

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Harvey races across the field on a perfect spring day.

A dog has his day

The sun was shining. The humans were hauling boulders about. And the dog was having his day.

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Looking for dinner: piglets in the snow.

Mantled with snow

As I walked through to the back door at 6am, I noticed the house felt appreciably colder than it has for the past few mornings so I wasn’t surprised when I looked out the window and saw a light dusting of snow on the ground. When I went up the hill to feed the pigs […]

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Lettuce and spinach waiting to be planted out.

Waiting to be planted out

The continued frosts and occasional snowfalls are continuing to delay progress in vegetable patch. Outside, the garlic is off to a fine start but there’s still no sign of the broad beans coming through. Inside, we’re fast running out of space in the sunporch as the first lettuces (three varieties), spinach and cauliflower clamour to […]

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Harvey wasn't the only one to be a little dismayed to discover it was chilly out.

Remaining chilly

Harvey, our Border Terrier, was a little put out when he ventured outside this morning and found yet another dusting of snow over a hard frost. He wasn’t the only one: the pigs and the chickens also had their noses out joint over the chill. The first chickens out of the big house turned and […]

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