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Home alone

School holidays in this household mean  the Other Half and our boys disappear to her parents for a week, while I get seven days peace and quiet. And a long list of jobs that can be done without interruption. It’s almost as good as holiday on my own. Wait, it is!

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Sun breaks through the trees behind the old tattie lifter.

Feels like winter

Winter has been mild thus far with temperatures rarely dropping below -5ºC, but we did get about 30cm (12 inches) of snow overnight and a stiff breeze meant the windchill was decidedly bracing. Still, the sun broke through in the afternoon and I made the most of the opportunity to do a few jobs, take […]

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Snow on the croft.

It’s a little cool on the croft

No further snow fell on the croft overnight, but the temperature fell to -8ºC. It’s a little colder than usual for this time of year and made last night’s drive to Inverurie interesting as there was black ice on all the roads. On the the bright side, I only had four chicken troughs to clear […]

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