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Home alone

School holidays in this household mean  the Other Half and our boys disappear to her parents for a week, while I get seven days peace and quiet. And a long list of jobs that can be done without interruption. It’s almost as good as holiday on my own. Wait, it is!

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Refurbishing the farrowing pen.

Never-ending maintenance

Weather and animal feeding aside, one of the most constant features of crofting is the never ending round of maintenance tasks. At present, I’m refurbishing the farrowing pen in the byre. The sows dig out the lime mortar and eat it. The sows and piglets pound the creep and trough until their bolts pull out […]

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They don’t make them like they used to

I was surprised to see how little mention there has been in self-sufficiency, hunting and fishing, and “downsizer”  circle of the death of Hope Bourne who, for me at least, typifies real self-sufficiency, independence of spirit and freedom of action. The Telegraph, at least, thought to run an obituary on a lady with a robust […]

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The Stonehead Games

One of the most important things for keeping a large number of children occupied, challenged and happy is a good selection of games. These are some of the ones I organised for the boys’ birthday party.

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Squeezing in more baking

Often, when I mention that I’ve done some baking, people tell me that they’d love to do some themselves but time doesn’t permit. Well, I beg to differ and tonight was an example that proved my point. The Other Half had just left to take the Big Lad to Cubs, the Wee ‘Un was settled […]

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