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A cockerel demands to know what "those creatures" are on the other side of the fence.

‘It’s a jungle out there!’

Months of rain have prevented the cockerel pens drying out. In normal conditions, the ground in the pens is wet or frozen in winter and early spring, dries out in late spring or early summer and can be rested, limed and reseeded ready for the following year. Not this year. The final straw came in […]

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Orville struts his stuff

Farewell to Orville

It’s a bleak, wet and windy day on the croft, which felt appropriate when I decided Orville, our oldest Scots Grey cockerel, had to be put down. Orville had grown more stiff and less mobile over the past two months so it was increasingly likely that he’d be culled sooner rather than later. In the […]

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A six-day-old Scots Grey chick.

Chicks are doing well

One of our six-day-old Scots Grey chicks in the brooder. The chicks’ flight feathers are already starting to grow out.

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The emerging chicks in the incubator

A good Scots Grey hatching

We’ve had 22 Scots Grey eggs in the incubator for the past three weeks, with an expected hatching date of June 5 or 6. Usually, we expect poor fertility with high numbers of congenital deformities. Their low numbers mean Scots Greys have a very restricted genetic pool, which is not helped when breeding stock often […]

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Peggy was our only Scots Grey Bantam.

Farewelling the last of our first hens

After hosing the byre out this evening, the Other Half and I went through to feed the chickens and call them back to their pen. As I was casting their feed down, the OH noticed that our oldest surviving hen, Peggy, was walking strangely. Peggy also looked lacklustre. I caught her fairly easy, which was […]

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