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Roast pork with sage and onion stuffing

I’ve just come inside after mowing grass all afternoon to put the dinner on to cook. It’s in the oven now and rich smells are already pervading the house. So what are we having? Roast Berkshire pork with sage and onion stuffing.

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Planting out herbs

When the Wee ‘Un came home from school today he rocketed inside to get changed because it was time to plant out the herbs. He loves taking the plants we’ve grown from seed and planting them out in the garden. We’d prepared this half of the herb garden over the past week, as the weather […]

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Growing all the time

We’ve been spending a lot of time on the vegetable patch, so I thought I’d give a few details of what we’re planting and where. We have 14 4.5x2m beds, two 3x1m beds, two 2x1m beds and two 1x1m beds. It’s a mixture of raised beds and dug beds at the moment, as time has […]

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