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Pig muck to power farm

We’ve sometimes considered using pig muck to generate electricity so it was interesting to read about a Morpeth pig producer installing an anaerobic digester and turbine to power their farm. Pigs at a farm in Northumberland will soon be heating their own homes from electricity made from their waste. Slurry at Cockle Park Farm near […]

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A timely decision

A few weeks ago we decided to switch from Scottish Hydro Electric as our electricity supplier to Eon in order to get a fixed price tariff for the next 16 months. We’d prefer to be with an energy supplier that sourced most or all of its electricity from renewable sources, but the price differential is […]

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Rocketing electricity price means less blogging

We received our latest electricity bill today and it contained a nasty surprise. We’ve managed to maintain our electricity consumption at the same level as last year (after cutting it for the two years before that), but despite that we’re now expected to pay £80 a month instead of £50. I had budgeted for a […]

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Food is as important as energy

Energy security has made it back into the mainstream media in recent times, but I’m still waiting for reports on an issue that is likely to have much more signifance. It’s an issue that’s hinted at in the agricultural trade press, skimmed over by most politicians, the mainstream media and many environmental groups, and is […]

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Wrong answer to the wrong question

The media is in a tizz, Richard Branson is beaming from every orifice and coconut plantation owners are keeping their fingers crossed because a commercial airline has just flown the first flight to be powered partly by biofuels. A Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet flew from London’s Heathrow and Amsterdam with one engine running on fuel […]

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