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Building the MkIII hen house, part 1

We’ve needed a new poultry house for some time, but the workload has been such that it’s been put off repeatedly. However, we now have nine Scots Grey chicks that need to move out of the brooder to make way for the next batch of chicks, Peggy is tying up the other small poultry house, […]

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A fortuitous session of skip diving

As I was cycling the boys to school last Tuesday, we spied a very large skip behind the village community centre. It was full of interesting stuff so we stopped for a quick look and quickly decided that a return visit with the Land Rover was in order as there was far too much useful […]

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The Telegraph can surprise

The Telegraph is nicknamed the Torygraph with good reason, but unlike some newspapers it doesn’t always allow politics to get in the way of good journalism. But even I was surprised to find Confessions of an Eco Sinner: Long-distance calling amongst its offerings this morning. It’s a hard hitting look at the personal impact of […]

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‘Recycled? Nae, it all goes in landfill’

The Other Half and I recently spent several hours sorting rubbish that accumulated in the steading building since before we bought the croft. As we folded and bagged plastic livestock feed bags, dug out old 12v and 24v batteries, disinterred drums and bottles of oils, wood treatments and unknown liquids. collected 6V lantern batteries, numerous […]

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Who’s damaging the environment more?

At lunchtime, the Other Half and I were listening to BBC Radio 2 when Environment Minister Phil Woolas’s comment that drinking bottled water was morally indefensible was being discussed. Now I do have a problem with the current fashion for paying ludicrous amounts of money for purportedly special waters bottled in plastic and transported here, […]

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