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When a slug is not a slug

The Wee ‘Un’s weekly homework for primary school includes a list of words that he’s to practice using a number of strategies. One of the strategies is to look the words up in a dictionary, then write a definition into his jotter. Last week’s words included neighbour, grub, reindeer, weight, children, eight, eighty and slug.

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Businesses and computers drive me mental!

After many months we’ve finally removed almost all our banking from the appalling Santander, formerly known as Abbey. However, there have been the inevitable glitches as numerous direct debits and standing orders are moved from Santander to our new bank. Most of the glitches have been sorted with ease but a few have run onto […]

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I love insurance companies

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that our insurer had problems with covering our Land Rover Defender 110 TD5 Dual-Cab as it supposedly did not have an “approved security device”. We would not be covered for theft of the car until the insurer received proof that we’d had an approved device fitted. (Of course, they […]

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Dang-blasted consumer goods

We drove down to Crathie yesterday, had a coffee and a chat with Madasaboxoffrogs, collected our replacement oven (and a few other things) and returned home where I brought the oven inside for installation today. So far, so good. Removing the old oven was slightly challenging as it’s an expensive fan-assisted model, which means it […]

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‘So, like end of’ Eh? End of what?

Where the heck has the utterly meaningless and annoying phrase “end of” come from? I’ve just had someone on the phone who finished a comment with “so, like end of”. And, earlier this morning, I heard a Radio 2 pundit conclude his pet theory with a sonorous “end of”. Yesterday, I was waiting in the queue at […]

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