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Italian flavours no-bake cake

Among my sheaf of recipes for chocolate cakes and puddings was this one for a no-bake chocolate cake with an Italian flavour.

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Quick chocolate pudding

It’s getting late, you feel a little peckish and you fancy a treat after a hard day’s work. There’s not much in the larder that can be spared as the jams, bottled plums, apple preserve and the like are carefully rationed to last us through to the next preserving season. But, there’s plenty of milk, […]

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Stonehead’s Bitsa Pudding

We did a lot of hard, physical work yesterday. The weather had been cold, windy and snowy. And it was New Year’s Eve. We had the perfect excuse to have a treat with dinner—one of my three-day soups. I had a rummage in the pantry cupboards and, among other things, turned up some left-over dried […]

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Christmas preparations

With exceptionally muddy ground conditions and 40mph winds, today was a good opportunity to get started on the preparations for Christmas. No, not going shopping for tat, but making up old-fashioned festive food that has what Mrs Beeton called ” the grand feature of substantiality”. First, I made up the batter for a couple of Rich […]

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Rice pudding

We had a couple of cups of left-over cooked rice from the curry we had for dinner, so I decided to turn it into a rice pudding. (I like to cook a little extra rice for just this sort of extemporaneous treat.) Cool the rice and tip it into an oven-proof basin, then add a […]

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