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Exploding eggs

Shortly after 6pm, I mixed the evening feed for the chickens, poured it into a bucket and walked around to the first of the chicken runs out on the hill. I do the job day in, day out, which makes for a fairly sedate routine, even allowing for the odd cockerel attack. Today was no […]

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A cockerel demands to know what "those creatures" are on the other side of the fence.

‘It’s a jungle out there!’

Months of rain have prevented the cockerel pens drying out. In normal conditions, the ground in the pens is wet or frozen in winter and early spring, dries out in late spring or early summer and can be rested, limed and reseeded ready for the following year. Not this year. The final straw came in […]

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Enter the Lone Dungslinger

Shloop, shloop, blurp… hurgh! Squelch, squelch, plop, squelch, squelch, squelch, hurgh! SHPLOOMPH! Yes, it’s one of those days where the Lone Dungslinger spends hours extracting, carrying and hurling **** in an attempt to set a personal best in Synchronised Dung Flinging . The Dungslinger is out early, fully waterproofed against both rain and muck, fork […]

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The grass track leading out to the chicken houses.

Welcome to the bog

We’ve had heavy rain and numerous hail storms for a week, transforming the croft from a hillside to a bog. It’s not quite the worst we’ve had it, yet, but that’s only because we didn’t start with snow melt. The pigs are fairly happy with all the water and mud, except when it flows into […]

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