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The potatoes were earthed up for the first time today.

Earthing up

About two-thirds of our potatoes have finally come through, enabling me to earth them up for the first time today. The long, cool and overcast spring make it unlikely we’ll have new potatoes to eat at the end of this month or even before mid-July but, fingers crossed, we hope to lift first ones in […]

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The first potato shoot emerges.

First potato shoot emerges

It’s late, but the first potato shoot has emerged in the vegetable patch. The cool, wet spring weather has set growth back several weeks, but three days of sunshine and warmer temperature have given the plants a kick start. Now for the rest of them.

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Our potato growing is on a much smaller scale this year.

Small-scale tattie planting

We’ve cut our potato planting severely this year as, thanks to my broken wrist, we haven’t been able to prepare the fields for planting. Instead, we’re focusing on new potatoes as they’re more expensive in the shops and we can choose varieties that we prefer. We’re planting four beds of first and second earlies in […]

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The Wee 'Un harvesting vegetables for dinner

Foraging for dinner

We’re having home-made fennel sausages (or fish for the Other Half) for dinner, so I sent the Wee ‘Un out to collect three different vegetables to have with them. He decided we’d have new potatoes, baby carrots and swiss chard, then happily set about collecting them. Delicious.

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Curry night

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you could be forgiven for thinking we eat little more than pork, tatties, kale, neeps, bread and oatmeal but we do draw on a wider selection of ingredients than that. And the meals I make often draw on far flung influences to turn our staples into something […]

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