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The potatoes were earthed up for the first time today.

Earthing up

About two-thirds of our potatoes have finally come through, enabling me to earth them up for the first time today. The long, cool and overcast spring make it unlikely we’ll have new potatoes to eat at the end of this month or even before mid-July but, fingers crossed, we hope to lift first ones in […]

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It's fun! Really!

Growing potatoes

Potatoes are one of the staples of our diet. They also grow well in the acidic soil and the cool, damp climate of north-eastern Scotland. However, potatoes are not necessarily one of the best vegetables to grow, particularly if space is limited. Potatoes are relatively cheap to buy in large quantities for the table, they […]

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A good, well-hearted Premiere cabbage should look like this.

Don’t eat the cabbage!

We’re into the time of year where we get to eat some of our favourite dishes with one of our favourite vegetables—cabbage. This evening, I went out to the vegetable and cut three cabbages for tea. I had to cut that many as the poor season meant none had hearted as well as the one […]

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Planting tatties at last

We finally started planting tatties today, having been delayed by prolonged snow, frozen ground, sodden ground following the thaw and a broken rotavator. The ideal planting time would be mid-April, but we keep a few weeks grace up our sleeve. The main thing is to allow the main crop potatoes to have had at least […]

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Golden beets

Not all beetroot are dark red. We also grow golden beetroot as an alternative to their red cousins. On the plus side, their juices don’t stain; on the minus side, we’ve found germination and growth problematic in our conditions (red beetroot are fine). We like them roasted (drizzle with olive oil, sprinke with salt and […]

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