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Free-range pork? Only if it’s cheap

BBC News is reporting animal welfare campaigners want to encourage consumers to buy more free-range pork in the same way they’re trying to encourage free-range chicken. What the BBC fails to report is experiences like ours: customers say they want the higher welfare free-range pork (or indeed chicken) but when it comes to putting their […]

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Two gilts, at a normal size for their age.

Growing well

Our final three Berkshire porkers are growing well. Or rather, the two gilts are growing well. The boar, on the large side since farrowing, is growing extremely well and looks several weeks older than his littermates. The back-end view shows the massive difference between the boar and the gilts. He’s likely to be finished at […]

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Animal welfare laws hit European pig farming

Another story from the Guardian about the continuing decline of pig farming, not just in the UK but right across Europe. Consumers are being warned that the price of bacon will rise significantly next year as European producers quit the industry ahead of new laws governing animal welfare. The predicted decline in the number of […]

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A Berkshire boar snuffling in the grass and mud.

Culling our Berkshire pigs

The combination of ever rising costs and customer expectations of ever falling prices means we’ve started culling our herd of Berkshire pigs. Prices were up again when I paid the bill at the feed merchants today, necessitating a dip into our household savings and that’s unacceptable even though we have three porkers going through at […]

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Home-made allspice and chilli sausages, tied into links and waiting to be bagged.

A day of sausage making

Today, I have been mainly making sausages. Lots and lots of sausages.

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