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Food price rises equals unrest

Researchers often seem to spend copious amounts of time discovering the bleedingly obvious. Today, it’s been reported that a link has been found between high food prices and social unrest. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather. I hadn’t realised the connection between famine, high food prices and the French Flour War […]

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So, who to vote for?

I’ll be going into the village later today to cast my vote in the UK election—yes, even colonials like myself are allowed to spit in the slurry pit every five years or so, I’m still deciding which candidate to vote for, so I thought I’d trawl the web to find out what my politics really […]

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Just a hobby farmer with a single field

For various reasons, I’ve ruled out voting Labour or Conservative at the forthcoming election. I have no interest in voting for the British National Party. I am therefore left to choose from the Scottish National Party, the Liberal Democrats or the Greens.

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Politics or ratting?

Given the choice between watching the leaders of the UK’s three supposedly main political parties debate their choice of tie colours or going ratting with Harvey, you’d didn’t really think I’d go for the former did you? It’s not that I’m disengaged from politics, it’s just that when I look at Labour, the Conservatives, the […]

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I can’t resist…

The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, apparently eats nine bananas a day as preparation for the coming election. I tried to resist commenting, but couldn’t help myself. Sorry Mr Brown, even nine bananas a day is not enough to give you appeal…

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