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Planting tatties at last

We finally started planting tatties today, having been delayed by prolonged snow, frozen ground, sodden ground following the thaw and a broken rotavator. The ideal planting time would be mid-April, but we keep a few weeks grace up our sleeve. The main thing is to allow the main crop potatoes to have had at least […]

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Clear skies?

No chance! I have five rows, 100 metres, of potatoes still to plant and hundreds of seeds to sow, but we’re on our second day of steady rain. I persisted for a while but as the mud grew both more slippery and more sticky I had to call a halt. It was difficult staying on […]

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And still more planting

We had a glorious spring day today, sunny but cool, so what better to do than start ploughing the first furrows for the potatoes. Of course, us being us, we only started the fun stuff after doing other jobs, like planting another 875 onion sets (825 sturon, 50 jetset). We’ve now planted 200 shallot sets, […]

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A typical weekend

Many people tell us they aspire to owning a largely self-sufficient smallholding along the lines of our croft. But what many of them don’t realise is that a vast amount of work is involved in keeping the place going, even more so if you have young children. So here’s a typical weekend’s work for me…

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One job at a time

I’ve just come in from doing the morning chores and seeing the Big Lad off to school on the bus. Despite thick and low cloud cover, we did not receive any rain overnight. The only change in the weather was the arrival of winds strong enough to rock the Land Rovers on their springs. The […]

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