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Budding pizza chef

The Big Lad was given the opportunity to make pizzas at school, which he seized upon with glee. He asked if we could supply proper ingredients, rather than use the sauce-in-a-bottle, cheap pepperoni and cheap grated cheese the school planned to use. I worked out that we could just afford a few decent ingredients if […]

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The Big Lad with one of his pizzas.

A lesson in making pizzas

The Big Lad brought a pizza home from school last Monday. He’d made it in Home Economics, but wasn’t happy with it as the students weren’t allowed to make “proper pizza” due to time, budget and health and safety constraints. The school pizza wasn’t made with leavened dough, the dough wasn’t worked long enough, the […]

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Pizza with anchovies and olives.

Pizza? Coming right up!

The Big Lad was off school today with a headache and fever. While he was lying on the sofa this morning, curled up with his book, he started musing to himself about his favourite foods. He wasn’t aware I was listening, even though I was close by repairing a door frame. When he mentioned “pizza“, […]

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