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Final batch of pigs leave the croft

We took our last two Berkshire pigs to the abattoir today, a job made more complicated by the death of one of the porkers, a last-minute change of abattoir and a last-minute change of butcher. Still, we got everything organised in the end and were up early to load the pigs today.

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Death of a pig

I came home from a rugby coaching course at 3pm today. I went out for a quick check of the animals, all the pigs and all the poultry looked okay, so I went inside. At 5.30pm, I went out to feed the pigs and found one of the finished gilts—due to go to slaughter in […]

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Free-range pork? Only if it’s cheap

BBC News is reporting animal welfare campaigners want to encourage consumers to buy more free-range pork in the same way they’re trying to encourage free-range chicken. What the BBC fails to report is experiences like ours: customers say they want the higher welfare free-range pork (or indeed chicken) but when it comes to putting their […]

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Why the surprise that pigs ate farmer?

The British media is making much of news from the United States that pigs ate a farmer. Authorities in Oregon are investigating how a farmer was eaten by his own pigs after his partially-consumed remains were discovered in an enclosure on his farm. Terry Vance Garner, 69, never returned after he set out to feed […]

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BPA needs support? No thanks

A lady phoned to ask me to nominate her for election as a Scottish sector representative with the British Pig Association. She wanted my support so she could play a role in developing and expanding the BPA’s activities in Scotland. I told her I wasn’t interested in supporting her nomination or anyone else’s. (Representatives need […]

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