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An in-pig Berkshire sow lying on a bed of wood shavings.

Let sleeping pigs lie

We brought Delilah, one of our Berkshire sows, down to the farrowing pen last week. We were running late with the move thanks to my fractured wrist and were concerned Delilah would farrow outside. There was no need to worry, of course, because Delilah likes to make the most of her days before she delivers […]

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I must have enjoyed it–look at the smile!

The job will be done

Just before lunch, the Other Half drove us to Inverurie so I could buy a 12mm HSS bit to bore new holes in the steel creep. (Fortunately, today is a school holiday in our part of Scotland.) With the new bit, and a chip butty tucked away, I was able to resume work on the […]

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A bloke sitting on the floor, right arm in a sling, removing a bolt with his left.

Needs must with piglets due

Delilah, one of our Berkshire sows, is due to farrow within the next seven to 10 days. However, I dismantled the farrowing pen in the byre to renovate it. I completed the renovations but was planning to refit the creep and trough last week. It wasn’t to happen. I dislocated and fractured my wrist, bringing […]

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