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Happy New Year! Or not…

Today’s the day of Janus, Roman god of gates and doors. It’s also the start of what was the Roman civil year. And it’s the date a pope decided was the start of the year in 1582. And it’s the date Britain finally decided to accept as the start of the New Year in 1752. […]

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Making sure the old year leaves

Yes, we’re up at the midnight hour, mulled wine and Christmas cake in hand (lemonade for the boys) making sure the old year leaves as it ought. Happy New Year.

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A year of mud, muck and dead things

Well, that’s another year just about done and dusted. We’ve done another turn around the sun, had a rather wet year topped and tailed by two hard winters, managed to get in just enough vegetables to keep us going, lost a bit on the pigs, broken even on the poultry, got many, many thorough coatings […]

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Final sunrise of 2009

When the sun rose to start the final day of 2009 it shone over hedges and fields shrouded in the last, genuinely heavy, snowfall of the year as well. It was an appropriate way to tend the year on the croft—cold and hard but still bright.

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