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Harvey races across the field on a perfect spring day.

A dog has his day

The sun was shining. The humans were hauling boulders about. And the dog was having his day.

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Velvet feathermoss growing on the steading wall

Mosses add a touch of green

Yesterday, I was adamant that winter is still upon us and I’m not yet seeing any signs of spring. Does that make the croft a bleak and depressing place in winter then, as a reader asked by email. Not at all. It just means setting aside the big picture and focusing in on the small, […]

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Bat about the house

As she was locking the back door this evening, the Other Half’s attention was caught by a fast, flitting movement just above roof height. She called me through to see if it was a bat—not wanting to go outside herself in case it caught in her hair. (Unlikely, I know.) I went out and stood […]

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Giving nature a hand

Daytime temperatures may have climbed above freezing for three days in a row now, but there hasn’t been much in the way of a thaw. The ground is frozen hard, the snow is still six to eight inches deep, and the little sunlight that has broken through has reflected back off the snow. So, I […]

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Memories of 5,000 winters

The overnight temperature dropped to -9.9C last night, freezing the snow cover and making it possible to cross the fields and road to the remains of the stone circle after which our croft is named. The Stonehead recumbent and flankers were erected in the Late Neolithic period, somewhere between 3,500-3,000 BCE. Yes, these stones have […]

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