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Britain has small farms, too

Writing in the Guardian, Oxfam GB‘s head of research Duncan Green says investing in small farmers brings a developmental double whammy, putting more food into circulation while boosting the income of some of the world’s poorest people. Small farmers get a bad press: developing country governments often see them as a throwback, and hanker after the […]

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The Telegraph reports that consumers believe pigs have wings.

Consumers do think pigs have wings

People often express surprise when I blog about the attitudes, beliefs and fondly held notions held by many potential customers for our Berkshire pigs and pork. After all, they say, customers can’t be that ignorant or naive, can they? Well, the Daily Telegraph today reports on a survey done for the Meat Trades Journal, to coincide […]

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Industrial farming squeezes family farms

BBC Radio 4 had an interesting segment on Farming Today about how the pressures for cost efficiencies, economies of scale and industrialisation are accelerating the decline of family farming. One family farm they visited is still holding up but the future doesn’t look good for small-scale, local, family farms. Farming Today (NOTE: May not be […]

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The Other Half enjoys a glass of mangel ale

It’s not ale. Or beer. It’s ‘made-wine!’

I learned today that beer and ale are only beer and ale if they are made from malt. The glass of amber liquid the Other Half is clutching is not mangel ale. It has no malt. Similarly, my recipe for a pale green alcoholic beverage does not produce nettle ale. It has no malt.

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They don’t make them like they used to

I was surprised to see how little mention there has been in self-sufficiency, hunting and fishing, and “downsizer”  circle of the death of Hope Bourne who, for me at least, typifies real self-sufficiency, independence of spirit and freedom of action. The Telegraph, at least, thought to run an obituary on a lady with a robust […]

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