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Fix one thing, break another

We hurried home after rugby training today so I could make a quick, post-lunch start on replacing the rear springs and shock absorbers on our Land Rover Defender TD5. For the past few days, assorted “experts” have assured me changing the springs is a “15-minute job”, “nothing more than half an hour” and a “total […]

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The Wee 'Un examines the rotovator for signs of possession!

Infernal combustion engine needs exorcism

Having tried every trick in my home mechanic’s skillset, I’ve decided the BCS 715 rotovator is actually an infernal combustion engine and needs to be exorcised. I’ve spent three days repeatedly stripping down its fuel system, checking it methodically, testing it, rebuilding it and successfully running it in the workshop only to find it throws […]

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A giant Meccano set!

Yesterday morning, the postie delivered a very large, very heavy parcel that prompted a lot of bouncing up and down, excited squeaks, and manic grins from the boys. Why all the fuss? Because “we” were going to rebuild the Land Rover. Well, not quite. Whenever I get a Land Rover, I like customise it for […]

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More repairs the Stonehead way

I needed to use the brush cutter to clear a new fence line yesterday, but when I tried to adjust the line after cutting for  while I discovered the retaining cap that holds the cutter head in place had seized on. The retaing cap is plastic, with a brass nut set into it and it […]

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