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Defender passes its MoT

Our Land Rover Defender passed its MoT late yesterday, so all the work I put in on it paid off, especially as the hourly rate at the garage is now £40 an hour. The mechanic who did the pre-MoT check tightened the lower nut on the left rear shocker, repacked the left front wheelbearing and […]

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Rusted bezels

Not what I wanted to see

At rugby on Sunday, I found myself changing the Land Rover Defender’s headlight bulbs in pouring rain after the high beam element failed on the left-hand side. As the original equipment H4 bulbs aren’t the brightest, I decided to replace both 55/60w bulbs with ultra-bright versions in the same power. I’m glad I did as […]

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Repairing a UJ on the Defender

I was well into my list of jobs for the day when the postman arrived with a parcel. It turned out to contain the parts for repairing the rear universal joint on our Land Rover Defender’s rear propshaft, so that meant a change of plans and another opportunity to “play” with the truck. The job […]

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‘Ting-ting’ equals broken Land Rover

I’m not happy with our Land Rover Defender. As we were coming back from rugby, the Other Half and I noticed a “ting-ting” sound coming from somewhere beneath the truck, specifically from around the rear axle and especially when changing up a gear. We stopped the truck so I could jack one rear wheel off […]

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Land Rover plus paint equals rain

Three weeks of sunshine and what happens when I decided to repaint a section of the Land Rover’s chassis? A thunder storm blows in with lightning and heavy rain. If I’d started the job three weeks ago, I suspect Britain wouldn’t have had a so-called “scorcher” of a summer!

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