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The boys with the Kangaroo Bike for one last time

Farewell to the Kangaroo Bike

We’ve finally sold the Kangaroo Bike. It was a major part of our lives for three years, being used day in, day out for transporting the boys to playgroup, nursery and then school. Last year, though, both the boys had grown too big for it, and become competent cyclists in their own right, so we […]

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Selling the Kangaroo Bike

We’ve decided to sell the Kangaroo Bike after four years loyal service. The Big Lad is now too tall to sit comfortably in the cabin, while both boys are now competent cyclists in their own right. There’s no point keeping the bike for occasional use, especially when it could be used to finance a new […]

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‘You’re only on a bike’

What is it about driving a car that turns otherwise pleasant, respectful and law-abiding people into dangerous, bullying motor fascists? I dropped the boys at school this morning, rode the Kangaroo Bike down the back alley that leads to the main road passing through the village, and turned left onto the road. The road has […]

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You didn’t ride, did you?

After a mild night that saw most of the previous day’s snow melt, temperatures dropped again this morning and the snow started falling from 6am onwards. By the time the Wee ‘Un and I went to cycle in to the village at 8.35am, the snow was coming down moderately hard and was beginning to settle. […]

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