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A single Westphalian kale plant in the the vegetable patch.

Growing kale

Crofters have long depended on kale, as well as its brassicae cousins cabbage and neeps (turnips), as it thrives in the Scottish conditions. Ann Dean, in Foudland Slate Quarriers and Crofters refers to the slate crofters who once worked the hills just up from us as living largely on a brose of oatmeal and greens, […]

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Spring greens

I’ve received a couple of emails asking what we do for fresh vegetables in the spring and early summer given that we “plant so late”. First, we don’t plant late—we plant for our conditions and climate. Often, that means we don’t begin planting until 4-6 weeks after most British gardening books suggest and that’s because […]

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Today in the vegetable patch…

It’s been a while since I posted an update on the state of the vegetable patch, so I nipped out after dinner this evening to take a few photos. Most of the salad vegetables are doing well, although a couple of varities of lettuce took a long time to germinate (four to five weeks in […]

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Planting update

I had a very busy day as I raced to beat the rapidly changing weather and get as many seeds sown as possible before rain turned the ground sticky and muddy again. I raced home from nursery on the Kangaroo bike, ripped off my cycling gear, threw on my boiler suit and wellies, and headed […]

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Time to start gearing up

The growing season is just around the corner, which means the preparations and hard work kick off in earnest over the next fortnight. First, though, comes the seed order. We start by working through the seed that we already have in store, a mixture of saved seed from last year’s crops plus excess seeds from […]

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