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The joys of technology

I decided to replace our ADSL router as it was getting on for 12 years old and its wireless networking was struggling with the demands placed on it by the Other Half’s smart phone, the boys’ Xbox, the other computer and the networked television. Of course, it was a straightforward matter of plugging the new […]

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Blogging for 15 years!

As I was looking through my archives earlier I spotted the date on some of my earliest HTML files—August 1994. They date back to when I came up with the Bowerbird Cafe, a web journal that rambled through food, poetry and anything else that caught my interest. This was in the days before the term […]

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Internet problems

There were no posts yesterday as our internet access went down for several hours. It’s now working again, but is grindingly slow—almost like being on dial-up again. Hopefully things will improve later today and I’ll get something on here.

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Radio on demand

The Sun has picked up on the news that BBC Radio 5 Live is to start offering what we’re calling “radio on demand”. It’s only an experiment at this time, but we’re hopeful that in the not-too-distant future “radio on demand” will be as common as conventional radio is now. I’ve spent many weeks converting […]

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HTML is dead, allegedly

We had another one of those interminable BBC meetings recently where the Multi-Media unit people pontificated on how HTML was dead and we should be moving on. Well, aside from the fact that 5 Live is doing things with streamed video and downloadable audio that the same MM people tell us is not feasible, I […]

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