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Farm thefts rising fast

Having been the victim of thieves several times in the past few years, I wasn’t surprised to learn today that thefts from farms are rocketing. Smarter criminals will be aware that rural properties are an easy target compared with properties in towns and cities. There are fewer neighbours to report suspicious behaviour, fewer security precautions, […]

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There goes the guttering

Heavy snow tore some of the guttering away last winter, but I was able to repair it without too many problems. I had hoped it would last another winter or two before being replaced. It didn’t! When some of this week’s heavy snow slid off the roof of the byre and workshop, it ripped the […]

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The Abbey hassles continue

Despite it now being a couple of months since Abbey stopped out bank accounts and several weeks since the problems were allegedly fixed, things continue to go wrong. We received a letter from Abbey Insurance in this morning’s post, saying that our October direct debit had been missed. I phoned Abbey Insurance and was told […]

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I love insurance companies

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that our insurer had problems with covering our Land Rover Defender 110 TD5 Dual-Cab as it supposedly did not have an “approved security device”. We would not be covered for theft of the car until the insurer received proof that we’d had an approved device fitted. (Of course, they […]

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Insurance cover for the show

We need to arrange public liability insurance and livestock insurance for the duration of the Turriff Show, but insurance companies like NFU Mutual and BiB Insurance will only provide cover as an extension to other policies. In other words, we can only get cover if we have a particular company’s livestock cover. But to get their […]

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