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Harvey out looking for rats.

Harvey is fully fit again

I took Harvey, our Border Terrier, to the vet today to have his booster vaccinations and get him checked as it’s now a month since he came off the last of his medications for Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA). The vet was new to the practice, which gave Harvey the opportunity to […]

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A Border Terrier enjoys the dawn sun in a frosty field.

Harvey is on the mend

Harvey, our Border Terrier, is finally on the mend. He came down with Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA) in February, which left him lethargic at best and near death at worst. Since then, he’s had a protracted course of medication that’s finally paying off.

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Harvey chillaxing on his beanbag.

Just chillaxing

Just before I came in for lunch, I noticed Harvey, our Border Terrier, had gone missing. I wasn’t worried as the back door was open and I suspected he’d slunk off out of the rain. When I did come in, I found I was correct. Harvey was indeed “chillaxing” on his beanbag in the utility […]

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Harvey is unwell, again

When the Big Lad came through to the kitchen first thing this morning, he found our Border Terrier Harvey lying next to two pools of vomit. The Big Lad came to get me then cleaned up the vomit while I checked Harvey. The dog had a temperature of 40.1C, was extremely lethargic, and had periodic […]

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Harvey on a slightly less energetic walk than usual!

Harvey continues to need treatment

The vet has just been on the phone to give us an update on Harvey’s most recent blood tests. Harvey, our Border Terrier, definitely has Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anaemia (AIHA)/Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (iMHA). His haemoglobin levels continue to be depressed: 9.6 instead of the expected 16-18.

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