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Snow on the croft.

It’s a little cool on the croft

No further snow fell on the croft overnight, but the temperature fell to -8ºC. It’s a little colder than usual for this time of year and made last night’s drive to Inverurie interesting as there was black ice on all the roads. On the the bright side, I only had four chicken troughs to clear […]

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Rain on frozen ground equals ice. And lots of it.

Ice, ice and more ice

The temperature rose above freezing and the rain began falling again this morning. With the ground temperature remaining at -2ºC, the result was even more ice than yesterday.

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Harvey picks his way from stone to stone to avoid the ice.

I’ll have my ice in a glass

We’ve had a fortnight of sub-freezing conditions with the night-time temperature often falling to -8ºC and the day-time temperature rarely hitting zero. As a result, the soil has begun its winter freeze, aided and abetted by snow cover and a lack of sunshine. We’re used to it, as are the animals. It can even be […]

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Welcome to ice land…

Daytime air temperatures just above freezing, snow melt and frozen ground combine to equal ice. It’s not just a thin skim of ice over tracks and paths. The ice has formed vast sheets on bitumen, concrete, bare soil and grass It can be found on the flat, in the hollows and even on the slopes. […]

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How much longer, boss?

We ventured outside this morning only to find ourselves slipping and sliding across the steading. When I went to walk up the ramp from the byre to the field, I couldn’t. And when Harvey tried to run up the ramp, he only made it one third of the way up before sliding backwards—while still running!

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