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The num num is gone

I’m painting a repair to an interior wall when the phone rings. I look at the paint-laden brush and consider ignoring the phone. Most day-time calls are automated silent calls, scammers trying to persuade me to hand over my computer details or dubious sales calls, the last affectionately known as SPIT, spam over internet telephony. […]

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Tag! You’re it!

WordPress provides a recommended list of tags that might be of use when contextualising a blog post. It’s a useful feature. I usually adopt most of the suggestions before adding a few of my own tags to cover omissions or provide better contextulisation. Sometimes, though, the WordPress suggestions provoke hilarity because of their logical incongruence.

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The Big Lad’s take on homework

The Big Lad’s weekly homework includes a list of words that he has to write out half a dozen times before using them in sentences. His most recent list included “portable” and “primrose”. His sentences?

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Eek! My new gloves really do glow in the dark!

Beware the Toxic Gloves of Doom!

I’d just finished feeding the porkers and was walking down the hill when I noticed a car abruptly slow on the main road then cruise slowly to our bottom gate and stop. At it was very dark, I couldn’t see the car aside from its lights and assumed it must be somebody I knew. It […]

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Shock intervention by Two-Legs ruins play

PHWEEEEET! It’s trotter off at the first troughball match of the season. And a beautiful day, for it too: sunshine, gentle breeze and a perfectly muddy pitch. Playing uphill are Big Grunt and Little Grunt, opposing them are Thunderpig and Stumblebum. Today’s referee is Big Squeal.

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