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How do you know your rabbit is dead?

Four people have found this blog in the past month because they searched Google using the question “How do you know your rabbit is dead?” Hmm. Answers on a postcard, please.

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Oh poop!

One of our Scots Grey hens nests 20 feet up a sitka spruce tree. I have no idea how she gets up there, but I do know that when I come out with the food she thumps, bumps, flaps, squawks, bounces and cackles her way down through the branches. Normally, her fast and furious descent […]

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Blame this on Raincoaster…

Raincoaster, a Canadian blogger who never fails to amuse me, is a serious collector of blog fillers. You know, the sort of rubbish you put on a blog when you have nothing to say, have completely run out of original thought, and are really scraping the bottom of the barrel of mediocre verbiage. She has […]

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Valhalla, here I come!

I really should stop visiting Raincoaster’s blog. She keeps mentioning extraordinarily daft quizes that I end up taking because, well, they’re extraordinarily daft. Normally, I wouldn’t go near a quiz with a bargepole as they’re pure hokum.

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‘Eek, I haven’t done my hair…’

Vetnurse asked who the OH is. I have attempted to provide the answer but it appears the OH was having a bad hair day…

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