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Food is as important as energy

Energy security has made it back into the mainstream media in recent times, but I’m still waiting for reports on an issue that is likely to have much more signifance. It’s an issue that’s hinted at in the agricultural trade press, skimmed over by most politicians, the mainstream media and many environmental groups, and is […]

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Wrong answer to the wrong question

The media is in a tizz, Richard Branson is beaming from every orifice and coconut plantation owners are keeping their fingers crossed because a commercial airline has just flown the first flight to be powered partly by biofuels. A Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet flew from London’s Heathrow and Amsterdam with one engine running on fuel […]

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Pistonheads running hot

I’ve suddenly received a spew of comments and emails from assorted “driving enthusiasts” who seem to have found themselves in a rash of confusion as to whether I’m pro-car, anti-car, pro-4×4, anti-4×4, a Commie, a greenie, a liberal do-gooder, a vegie-fascist, a total idiot, someone who eats horse turds with goats cheese for breakfast, or […]

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Well, that’s all right then

Why is that so many apparently well-intentioned people, as well as the huge bulk of the Western population who simply can’t be bothered to use their brains, think it’s acceptable to buy vast amounts of “cheap” consumer goods produced in the less developed world? Whenever I suggest that perhaps it’s inappropriate to import cheap flowers […]

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What will your choice be?

The Earth’s vital signs are weakening with most aspects of the natural environment in serious decline and the cause of that decline, we humans, are about to suffer a wide and accelerating range of ill-effects from the severe to the catastrophic. This is not my opinion. Nor is it the opinion of environmental lobbyists. Nor […]

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