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Being a student has advantages

I’ve found a major advantage to being a student. The Co-op has started offering a 10% discount on groceries sold to students with NUS cards. As I have a student card and we have a Co-op supermarket in our village, it makes it worthwhile to shop there instead of traipsing 20 miles to nearest big-name […]

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Our potato growing is on a much smaller scale this year.

Small-scale tattie planting

We’ve cut our potato planting severely this year as, thanks to my broken wrist, we haven’t been able to prepare the fields for planting. Instead, we’re focusing on new potatoes as they’re more expensive in the shops and we can choose varieties that we prefer. We’re planting four beds of first and second earlies in […]

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Refurbishing the farrowing pen.

Never-ending maintenance

Weather and animal feeding aside, one of the most constant features of crofting is the never ending round of maintenance tasks. At present, I’m refurbishing the farrowing pen in the byre. The sows dig out the lime mortar and eat it. The sows and piglets pound the creep and trough until their bolts pull out […]

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Nosing into compost buckets

A survey has discovered that slop buckets, or compost buckets as we know them is this household, don’t smell. Well, doh, that’s obvious. It’s the contents that smell! Even then, it’s only if the bucket is badly managed and not emptied often. More seriously, though, I was interested to read that many people waste just […]

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The Wee 'Un was eager to be off

We were right, cars are out

Who’d have thought, when we sold our second car back in 2006 and replaced it with a trike, that a family of mad, grungy and slightly disreputable crofters were well ahead of a social trend? As it turns out, we were. Apparently, one in five British households are getting rid of second cars to save […]

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