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A wave of cloud blows over the crest of the Hill of Foudland.

Cloud sweeps over Hill of Foudland

As I was wandering the croft this evening, camera in hand, I noticed a wave of cloud cresting the summit of the Hill of Foudland to the north of us. I had just enough time to capture a couple of frames before the cloud rolled down the Skirts of Foudland and obscured the view.

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Our semi-derelict cottage is still recognisable as an 1800s croft house.

Faithful to its past

Two hundred years ago, the Hill of Foudland and its Skirts a couple of miles to our north were dotted with slate workings whose workers lived in croft houses of a similar vintage to ours. Our main house has moved far beyond its humble beginnings, but the semi-derelict cottage at the end of our steading […]

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