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Small Boy holding a plate with glazed fruits and cinnamon cream.

Time for pudding

The Wee ‘Un with the glazed citrus fruits with  spiced ricotta that he helped make for his mum. Spiced Ricotta Ingredients 300g ricotta cheese ½ tsp ground ginger ½tsp ground cinnamon 1tbsp honey 2tbsp double cream 100g pecans, chopped Method Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Chill. Spoon over fruit.

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Horsemeat review: it’s not just rogues

I wasn’t surprised to read in the Guardian that the horesmeat substitution scandal isn’t a one-off limited to a few rogues and that the problem is exacerbated by weak policing, tight margins and stretched councils. The only thing I would have added to the list is customer demand for  cheaper meat. If the government thought […]

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Dhaal to clear the nose

I made a dhall for this evening’s dinner, using  equal amounts of mushy yellow split peas and red lentils, spiced with cloves, brown mustard seeds and black peppercorns that were dry fried before being ground with the mortar and pestle. Once the spice mix was done, I threw two diced onions, three diced green chillies, […]

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Treats and gross go hand in hand

I decided we needed a little something extra after dinner this evening. I nipped out to the kitchen and made a batch of after-dinner mints with a mix of icing sugar, butter, egg white, cocoa, peppermint extract. They’re now setting in the fridge. The Other Half is itching to know what I’m up to. I told […]

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A whiff of Cajun

I have four sausages, a large cod fillet, lots of peppers and celery, and some fresh parsley. I don’t fancy potatoes, carrots and the like for dinner, and I  should make something that will last two nights to make everything go further. Hmmm. A look through the store cupboard reveals  we have plenty of brown […]

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