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A little obsession is a good thing

The Other Half thinks I’m more than a little obsessed by the electricity monitor that sits on the phone table in the sitting room. I check the monitor first thing in the morning. I check it last thing in the evening. I check it at meal times. I check it when I’m just passing through […]

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Pig muck to power farm

We’ve sometimes considered using pig muck to generate electricity so it was interesting to read about a Morpeth pig producer installing an anaerobic digester and turbine to power their farm. Pigs at a farm in Northumberland will soon be heating their own homes from electricity made from their waste. Slurry at Cockle Park Farm near […]

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Electricity use back on track

January was a bad month for us in terms of energy use. The weather was colder than it has been for some years, constant cloud cover meant it was darker, and heavy snowfalls meant the entire family was at home on weekdays when normally we’d be working outside,  at work, or at school. As a […]

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A tip for going green…

The Other Half and the boys have now been away on holidays for a week now, so it was enlightening to read the electricity meter today. When they’re home in the summer our household electricity consumption averages 10.75 kW/h per day. When I’m home alone the household electricity consumption averages 7.5 kW/h per day, most […]

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Washing machine is an energy hog

When we switched electricity suppliers to get a fix tariff until the end of 2009, one of the incentives offered to households that switched was a “free” electricity monitor. Of course, it’s not really free as the cost is built into the tariff but we would have chosen that supplier’s tariff so it was useful […]

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