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I must heed Business Studies 101

Whenever I post about the cost of producing pigs or pork, pointing out the huge gulf between the costs we incur and the price customers expect to pay, I always get responses pointing out the errors of my ways and my failure to understand the economics of the market. Today was no different. I published […]

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Differing values

Why is it that so many “downshifters” fail to realise that they have not recognised, much less escaped their previous social, cultural and economic conditioning? I ask this because time and time again I’m chided for not realising or accepting that crofts and smallholdings are neither efficient nor economically viable. I am also urged to […]

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Our successes

Two common questions we’re asked are how we manage financially and whether the croft is successful in an economic or business sense. We’re not trying to achieve business success, but have managed to cope financially—most of the time. The OH’s salary as a teacher is just sufficient to maintain the essential financial links with wider […]

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Can crofting be successful?

Having been told yet again that smallholdings, crofts and small farms cannot be successful, this time by a neighbouring farmer, I thought I’d set out my reasons for believing they can be successful and argue that until our current water crisis Stonehead Croft was a success. For me, the crucial thing is how you define […]

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I’m better off on my croft

I wrote an article for The Journalist, the magazine of the National Union of Journalists, about why experienced people like me are leaving journalism in their droves. It was published in the June edition and reads: I have seen the problem of low pay from both sides as a journalist with 20 year’s experience with […]

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