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AIDS/LifeCycle logo.

Cycling to support HIV/AIDS services

Neill Strickland, a friend and former work colleague from my days at  BBC Radio 5 Live, is taking part in the AIDS/LifeCycle, a seven-day, 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. The two agencies provide the […]

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The Big Lad hurtles through a puddle.

Boys tackle their first trail

With both the boys totally familiar and comfortable with the mountain bikes they received for their birthdays earlier this year, the Other Half and I decided it was time to let them loose on a proper trail. Today, we loaded their bikes into the Land Rover and drove them to Gartly Moor, just up the […]

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The boys with the mountain bikes they received for their birthdays.

Big boys need big bikes

The boys have made do with second-hand children’s bikes for many years, but they’ve now reached an age, size and level of responsibility where the Other Half and I can justify buying them a decent bike each. So, they were very chuffed to visit a local bike shop a fortnight ago and be told to […]

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The Wee 'Un was eager to be off

We were right, cars are out

Who’d have thought, when we sold our second car back in 2006 and replaced it with a trike, that a family of mad, grungy and slightly disreputable crofters were well ahead of a social trend? As it turns out, we were. Apparently, one in five British households are getting rid of second cars to save […]

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Uh oh! Wipeout!


Like me, the boys enjoy cycling in all weathers. Sun, rain, wind, snow, ice, hail—it makes no difference, we get on our bikes and ride. And like me, they’ll grab any opportunity for a ride. So if there’s 10 minutes before the school bus arrives, they’ll jump on their bikes and belt around the steading, […]

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